Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My secret self

Like most kids I loved to draw which as a child in WW2 that consisted of tanks and planes and ships and guns and bombs going off because that was our world back then.

However when that mess was all over so did my drawing change and the natural world dominated my mind with birds and trees and mountains high and lions roaring and crocodiles snapping  and snakes slithering for all to see.

Later I was encouraged by an art teacher to reach for the skies and devout my life to art which is much harder to do when you need food to eat and a roof over your head as so many penniless Impressionist artists found leaving for others to make a fortune out of their work.

I did manage to get a job in an architects office and spent my whole time drawing straight lines indicating houses  and shops and other buildings to be built and gradually worked my way up and journeyed to the end of the earth in Australia to design industrial buildings and railways stations and even a church on the side.

Luckily my secret self continued to draw freely by joining life drawing groups which was a favorite activity after I had retired.

Our eyes are wonderful and to be able to use our hands and fingers to illustrate what we see is one of the oldest and most beautiful attributes mankind has.

Image of sketch by the author


  1. Wow Robin, this is nonfiction? What a wonderfully glorious talent to possess. So glad you still nurture it often we dont.

  2. That is a fun talent to have, i always wished i could draw or paint or do something along that line.

  3. so much like music, for those of us near-talented, we see the thing and can imagine the lines, you are fortunate in having that ability to make the lines on paper be the thing in the world.

  4. This is glorious - a life lived in art. I'm so glad you were able to make it your profession as well as your passion.

  5. How delightful to learn something new about you! It is a blessing to be able to use your talents not only to provide an income for your needs, but also for pleasure. If the above drawing is any indication, you are very good at this and I would like you to share more with us!

  6. This autobiographical story inspires to never let the art inside die. I'm glad you took a path and was able to incorporate your talent and your love into it.