Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Love entwined

I've lost my identity
I'm no longer who I was
Just where has that boy gone?

Just where is that little lad?
Wading through the cold water
Catching fish in a stream

Who shyly turned in the class?
To look at the girl in pink
Who pokes her tongue at me

Then hold hands much later
At the flicks right at the back
To grab a kiss unseen

Who nervously walked the aisle
To wed a beautiful bride
Eyes so blind but for her

Just where is that young father?
Who cried at his children's birth
And felt himself made whole

Then went around the wide world
To find them a better life
Working in the sun's heat

Who saw all the kids leave home?
Fulfilling their hopes and dreams
As love entwined them all

What is his identity?
Now that the years have rolled by
Children he's your father

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  1. Beautiful!! Such a tender poem which tugs directly at the heartstrings :D Excellent write :D

    Lots of love,

  2. Very lovely poem....and once a father, always a father, right?

  3. This is epic; luv the progressing of self revealed to us

    Have a good Wednesday

    much love...

  4. I do think lots of times people have a hard time with their 'identity' once their children are grown up and move away! Your poem expresses this so very well!

  5. Wonderful, Robin....the beauty of this looking back.....all of the selves wrapped into our aging bodies, still parents, grandparents, great-grandparents....and still, inside, us!

  6. This is a lovely poem about the journey in life. The experiences that make you the person you are today!

  7. Who are we when we've finished fulfilling our obligations, our responsibilities... are those dreams that were ignored or pushed away still alive somewhere within... very nice Robin!

  8. Still and always father, still and always loved and loving. That's quite a full identity.

  9. It's really amazing how with time our identity changes...I sometimes wonder isn't there anything that remains unchanged and eternal within us...a wonderful journey here in search of self....

  10. And a wonderful one at that! I think we all have those parts of us inside - on the surface - within us..even if in our dreams..we all have our stories after all

  11. That's something... we become our roles in society. We become our age and the stage we are in in life. What are we but all of that? What are we if not for all that we do? Your poem makes me think. Thoughtful and thought provoking. :-)

  12. Lovely progression of this man's life, which demonstrates who he is - a good father. A wonderful identity to embrace.

  13. So, you haven't lost your identity, after all (or have you?).

  14. In spite of all the roles and hats one wears...everyone still has an inner child.Bet you miss your Mum sometimes!

  15. So true Robin - each day, each season makes up our identity. Hopefully we dont lose sight of that.