Sunday, 21 February 2016

Deep in our hearts

The volume is turned right up
Their rap music is raging
My wife looks at me pleadingly
Yearning for that blessed day
When they finally leave home
Eyes say exactly what we feel
Will we ever be finally free?
But we are are lying of course
It is our attack of the grumps
For they are now growing up
When they came into the world
Those two sweet little children
That made our family so complete
They were our sunshine and joy
One born in crispy Winter time
The other at the start of Spring
Their names written on paper
But inscribed deep in our hearts
In truth we were like this too
There's a phrase "All things will pass"
Still I wouldn't mind quite as much
But both like heavy metal bands

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  1. I like leaving with a smile..deftly illustrates the humour required to unconditionally love..i suspect it was too quiet once they flew the nest..

  2. Far worse to have a parent who likes their teenager's choice in music because that child will have to find something else to claim as their own. ;)

  3. So often the tables are turned and the children have to put up with their parents music in later life. Serves 'em right!

    My final Reverand Caruthers tale!

    1. Ahh, but when they leave, the silence can be deafening...


  4. This made me smile. :)

    But really, as parents, our inward worlds are in constant battle between wanting them to stay little and to never grow up --- and wishing they'd hurry up and become adults so that we can move on to a more peaceful stage of life.

  5. I'm there with you. Except I go back and prefer mellow rock (my wife likes head-banging, but she’s younger).
    I do have an affinity for a few rappers - and the whole family enjoys country (me being the least lover of it).
    The piece does well reflecting a part of and transition in family life.