Saturday, 6 February 2016

On Brighton beach

My mind goes far back
Memory of those times past
Fifties in England

Youth in post war years
How the sun shone on us then
Some rain fell as well

Summer holiday
Carrying our suitcases
Tired from the train trip

Finding our new digs
Check for fleas and germs hiding
Long walk to beach

Those girls on the prom
Singing, swinging, swaying skirts
Holiday fever

We chatted them up
Their retorts like sharp scissors
That sure took the cake

I recall just one
Enveloped by cockney lass
Was a great kisser

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  1. I was in Brighton this afternoon. Sadly I did not encounter a great cockney kisser - not this time anyway!

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  2. Well, yes, I imagine you would remember the kisser! ;)