Tuesday, 14 April 2015

You're my eternity

What is the limit
Of my love for you?
That boundless stretch 
Of happiness

Where are our dreams
In wonderland?
Or in love and care
For each other

How will we will live
In joy unbounding?
Laughing happily
Our secret touch

And is there trust?
We are but one
Knowing each other
Filling all senses

There is no limit 
In my love for you
I breathe you in
You're my eternity

Image found at www.pixgood.com


  1. I think this may be your most amazing love poem yet, Old Egg! The intensity of feeling is so perfectly expressed, that I could feel the passion and believe it would be forever!

    1. Thank you Josie. I never know what is going to emerge each time I start typing!

    2. You sound alarmingly feverish.. hope it's not that terrible flu they are predicting
      Time to mount your trusty steed and ride off into the yonder to capture this damsel....sticking these love notes under the door is not getting you anywhere...good luck...:)

  2. You are so romantic. Quite beautiful.