Sunday, 5 April 2015

Tumbling down

How gorgeous she was
I so easily fell in love
With those sparkling eyes

Her hand like flowers
Opening so prettily
As I held her close

She and I belonged
Just like a cup and saucer
'Til the other man

Too sporty for me
And that flash sports car of his
Even I liked it

So it was over
Everything came tumbling down
Like a house of cards

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  1. Her hand like flowers - what a beautiful line and fragile things are...i suppose love is best built out of concrete bricks not playing cards

  2. 'Just like a cup and saucer' - she was a mug to leave you.

  3. Cup and saucer...a wonderful fit.

  4. Well, if that's all it takes to turn her head, a man would be well rid of her.