Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Her love was clear to see

She wore a flimsy pink dress
All their eyes were on her
Yet hers alone were on me

She walked across the floor
Their hungry looks were a laugh
They knew she was meant for me

We kissed held each other tight
The atmosphere was then tense
For her love was clear to see

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  1. Good - love is when it's quite between the two of 'you' and the crowd heckles!

  2. I didn't believe in the "across a crowded room" trope until it happened to me. I wasn't wearing a pink dress, though.

  3. Fabulous, you finally won the lady! So many of your poems are about love lost, so this is nice to see...and the photo is beautiful.

  4. I imagine, based on that kiss, that your eyes too held only her. sweet write.

  5. Ah when you hit it off you hit it off - sweet and romantic ^_^

  6. Wow look at her! You lucky devil!