Monday, 6 April 2015

How you have bloomed

You were like a flower
From a gangly teen
To something in between
How you have bloomed

Yet once we were friends
You would laugh and play
Now that has all changed
Our friendship seems doomed

That cute cheeky smile
All your loving ways
We were mates for ever
Was what I had assumed

But you've now grown up
You want to try it all
In that big world out there
Is what we all presumed

Perhaps to return one day
To see us all again
I'm hoping our romance
Will then be resumed

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  1. Your wonderful poem makes me think of a bird leaving its nest.

  2. You have depicted the reality of life that when two people grow up to become different individuals they tend to grow apart after a passage of time... all that is left is memories and a longing to go back in time and rekindle the moment... beautifully written... :D


  3. Interesting how people you thought were so important to your life become but a brief memory many years later, but some memories never fade.

  4. I wonder how much patience will be needed.

  5. Surprisingly, couples who were together when young do sometimes return to each other after many years and experiences have passed, I know several like that and they are happy together once again. Maybe they were always meant to be, but just needed time to chart their own course for awhile first. Lovely story here, I hope she did return to stay!

  6. Your poems always speak of love, forlorn sometimes, but always with a bit of hope.

  7. We grow up and grow apart, but there is something magical about old friendships that leaves the door forever just slightly ajar.