Saturday, 11 April 2015

No gain without pain

Current real girlfriend
Stated that it was over
Such devastation

The break up painful
The  loneliness absurd
'Til the siren's call

There at the bus stop
Those green eyes smouldering
Her hair enticing

How she was surprised
When I just walked up to her
And told her my name

We talked in the street
A flicker of interest
Then we made a date

Full six month's later
She told me of her boyfriend
That now would give up

She keen as I was
Accepting my proposal
Chose a June wedding

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  1. Wow that is fast operation for sure! Very light and fun for a Saturday.

  2. Bus stops seem Like prime locations...and the journey after quick and hopefully happy!

  3. Relationships are so complicated... often a person doesn't understand what he actually wants in life. But in this poem I can truly relate to the concept... it takes a fleeting moment to take a life altering decision. :D

    Loved the lines:
    There at the bus stop
    Those green eyes smoldering
    Her hair enticing

    Lovely how little details of a person can appeal to us isn't it? ;)

  4. Love it! Can I come to the wedding please?

  5. It all sounds good to me, of Disney Princess mentality. Never mind the fact that the dreaming part of the Disney myth is the only thing that has worked for me. Anything at all can happen :-D