Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Glance

It's a problem
Riding on the evening train
Except with closed eyes

Just one casual glance
In the wrong direction here
May a receive a look

Or an angry pout
As though you had touched this maid
Not just glanced outside

For it is as though
You had caressed her bare arm
As she glares a you

In your journey's time
Now must avoid at all costs
Just one look her way

As your train pulls in
You get up and leave your seat
To wend your way home

She too now alights
And speaks a few words to you
"I've seen you before"

My heart dropped like stone
Fearing of what she would say
As she smiles and states

"See you tomorrow
We'll talk then if you like"
I walk home so pleased

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  1. Ah, those awkward glances. You don't want to be thought rude for staring, but what if the outcome is as hopeful as this?

  2. Ah knowing whether to look or not is the problem. Glad it worked out for them.

  3. Such a cute story of meeting on the train!

  4. So the anger was for lack of attention? Nice twist.

    1. I think she was just trying to place the person in her mind.

  5. And so started a beautiful romance! Lovely

  6. Oh how awkward those situations can be..let's hope that she is as interesting when she opens her mouth!

  7. that was amazing !

  8. Beautiful expression of your sentiments...yes I know that happens1