Monday, 20 April 2015

Life for me today

I hate the rattle of my bones
I loathe the ringing of the phones
Others hate to hear my moans
But that is life for me today

I risk walking down the street
As I slip and slide on my feet
So I shun everyone I meet
For that is life for me today

I fear my falling at every step
All of me seems so inept
I can't say I've been well kept
Up to this very point today

Life was fun when I was young
Oh! What songs I have sung
Oops! Now I've trod in some dung
Ah! That is life for me today

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The picture is not in fact me but that of a former Dutch Prime minister tripping on a red carpet!


  1. It is sad, but true...
    However, I hope to keep singing joyful songs when I physically get old. :-)

  2. Ah, yes. But as we age and recall those memories and write about them we are re-living them and being young again in our minds. I love the photo!

  3. Oh my goodness if my Mom wouldnt wallow in it, I would print this for her because she feels like this everyday since she passed 80!

  4. OE, sounds like a very off day to me! But some days I can relate.

  5. This is so very me too! Falling is my biggest fear, having done it once already, and not gracefully! I don't want to break these old bones. I miss the carefree days of youth too, but I love the peace of mind that I've found at this age.

  6. I do what I can to try to delay that day, but I accept that the best anyone can do is give Time a run for his money. One can't win.

  7. So far I am ok walking...I did break my arm and tear my rotator cuff falling out of a chair a few years ago. Getting old is not for wimps and requires a good sense of humor.

  8. Oh dear.
    I've had serious health issues in addition to the ordinary aches of aging, but I would hate to think that I couldn't find joy in each day as well! I hope you do!