Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Are you buying sir?

Sunny day in spring
She stood there in the market
Basket on her arm

Beautiful, a plum
Her hair was all akimbo
Secret gems for eyes

I so wanted her
Desperate to kiss those lips
To touch her fingers

She saw me looking
So then slowly walked my way
Crowd parting for her

"Are you buying sir?"
She laughed, our eyes were now locked
The crowd hushed in awe

This our first meeting
Heralded a fierce romance
My money well spent

I think of her still
And all my other lovers
I weep but for her

Image of "Sicilian girl with basket of fruit" (Artist not known) found at


  1. Such a lovely "love at first sight" moment. The picture is just a little riske.

  2. All the elements of a good romance. Well staged Robin - Bravo!

  3. I love those connections from across the room scenes.

  4. Nothing like an unexpected romance!