Saturday, 18 April 2015

My mind askew

Unhappy I am with crimson thoughts
The nightmare pulls my mind askew
A sanguinary battle rages now
As pain once more builds up anew

Once more guilt rattles this my cage
This guesthouse of furry creatures wild
I yearn for those moments now long past
When peace reigned like a sleeping child

There was a time when life was flowers
Blooming sweet scented days so few
Firm the rudder in our ship of state
Steady your arm, sweet kiss, loving you

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  1. Sweet days are like golden least they remain in our memories and may even dampen down nightmares from time to time

  2. How lovely with all the designated rhyming. And innocent-like elements playing music!


  3. Perhaps those memories of sweeter times keep us going when things are more difficult?

  4. Losing loved ones is never easy. Often it is the good memories that help us move forward.

    As for Mr. Data - After years of service, and not needing all that much from humans it was all the humans could do to allow him to explore space in his retirement... Well at least at the end of one of the Star-trek movies or series end... Data did have his own apartment on Earth. Maybe, I'm thinking he wanted to be back in space. :) And what a better companion than that of 'Spot' his cat?

  5. Sweetly romantic, with the bonus of good rhyming.

  6. I'm grateful for a rhyming poem that actually "works"! (There are so few of them these days.) Thank you!

  7. "The nightmare pulls my mind askew"--this line is such an apt description of what a nightmare can do...I appreciate the accuracy depicted here.

  8. Nicely done .. and great use of the form!