Monday, 15 September 2014

The morning after

                                Charlie Chaplin in an early role

It was the night before the morning after
Full of booze and uproarious laughter
My mind was clearly not in gear
I didn't know if I was there or here
She took me places where I shouldn’t go
But of that you really must not know

But I'll say I rue last evening
And spending it on foolish drinking
When I awoke I was not at home
And clearly I was also not alone
Deep in the gutter I lay with friends
One stray dog and some chirpy hens

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  1. Very cute...thankfully, I've never had that experience in spite of enjoying a cocktail or two or three. My post is of a Jaipur bicycle rickshaw.

  2. Brilliant! Reminds me of some of our sessions back in the Fifties - sans dog, of course.

    1. I can distinctly remember feeling feeling like a sleep outside the Swan Hotel but what I was doing there I have I have no idea. Perhaps I heading home in the wrong direction!

  3. This is what extra drinks can cause :)
    can't afford not to know whether I'm here or there & no, I don't wanna be in the gutter!
    Good warning :)

  4. love it... and the picture!
    They don't make things like that anymore

  5. oh wow... let those days go ... although the memories have some fondness yes?

  6. Ahhh, the foolishness of youth... we may look back and shake our heads at such adventures, but then we also sometimes smile. Great verse Old Egg, and the perfect illustration!

  7. That is definitely the sort of experience one can only get away with while young!

  8. "The night before the morning after' -- it is an interesting phrase. :-)

  9. Ah. The morning after - complete with headache and fuzzy memory. Great poem and way to interpret the writing prompts.

  10. It's been a long time since I have had a morning after but I do remember...Clever use of the prompts.