Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Her dark eyes sparkled

Her dark eyes sparkled
Revealing; understanding
But she was not mine

I love raven hair
And hers shone like ebony
I longed to touch it

Yes, she knew that too
Her tact and prudence a curse
She’s too wise by far

And in our farewell
She offered her cheek to me
Delightful embrace

If I could but sing
What ballad of love would prove
Her superb beauty?

But no voice let forth
Still, she’s ever in my mind
My perfect dreamscape


  1. Wistful perfection without a tune, but your words lay out the rhythm and possibility. Very sweet and fine!

  2. You have painted a beautiful picture with your words. Lovely

  3. Minds and dreamscapes are the safest places to store treasure..and sparkles

  4. Oh! wishful Love!! how beautifully expressed!

  5. "My perfect dreamscape." Wow. Yes, in one's mind is often the safest place to keep such a treasure. The lustre will never dim.

  6. but you got connected! - this is why in your mind this unique dreamscape... :)x

  7. Sometimes perfection is best only admired and given a peck on the cheek. Once she is real, she will be messy and somewhat less than perfect.

  8. Very well written and fits the prompt.

  9. True loves are found mostly in dreamscapes true expressions -we sing in solitude

  10. Nice writing of a lover's longing, and rejection. I think we can all relate to your poem. We've all experienced (I think) infatuation with someone who does not respond.