Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Smart as a button

Humphrey Pratt was an awful geek
To whom I chose not to speak
His voice, his hair, his prissy ways
Left all us others in a daze

What’s worse he lived quite close to us
So often we'd both catch the bus
And what horror he would sit by me
I’d imagine him as a jumping flea

Until I found he had a sister Sue
Smart as a button and pretty too
Who smiled as though I was his friend
This nearly drove me round the bend

Oh, slash my wrists and hope to die
Her cute looks and sparkle in her eye
Put some sense in this my carcass
Kissing her proved I'd been a jackass

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  1. Hm...I probably wouldn't think much of anyone who was friends with my brother, but I might just be a tough case.

  2. Very playfull ..and a nice 'he' has an experience :)x

  3. Well, this is certainly a bit different from your usual haiku posts, and how much fun is that!

  4. Is a cute sister really enough to make up for a clingy guy? I recall a clinging girl from my youth. If she'd had a cute brother, it still wouldn't have been enough to brave her demands.

    1. He is young, he hasn't learned that yet. Better to learn from experience than to be told.

  5. So what happened?
    Did you marry her?
    Was it a shotgun wedding ?
    Did you always loathe your BIL?

    1. It was hard enough having a brother let alone a BIL. I did have two SILs but they were OK.

    2. Thank you for this information. It will be noted and filed appropriately. ( Chortles and guffaws )

  6. Maybe cute as a button is easier to handle than smart as a button!

  7. very funny and so true a nerd with a hot sister suddenly isn't a nerd anymore. I think this line says it all Kissing her proved I'd been a jackass

  8. lovely romantic poem , I like the funny undertone in it


  9. Kind of made me chuckle. Oh how we change our tunes when a pretty face is involved.

  10. Woohoo! A happy ending! Well a kiss, at least.

  11. Oh the advantages of having friends with cute siblings ;)