Monday, 8 September 2014

Fuzzy Logic

Men have always found
That fuzzy logic is best
In all walks of life

It’s not black or white
For there are degrees of truth
When coming home late

The last drink with mates
Can translate to a road block
Or that flat front tire

They have simple minds
Matched by their inventive wives
With their girls night in

Where their husband’s faults
Spoken of with much laughter
At needlework group

Lucky is the man
who appears to be perfect
To others chagrin

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  1. These haiku are making me smile. :-)

  2. Fuzzy logic...I love it! Great link up today.

  3. Wonderfully done, and yes, so very true! I must admit that, having been on the other side of the room, it's great fun to have a husband whose virtues I can extol and leave others wishing I could clone him! :-) Great TST post, Old Egg, you come up with such clever ideas!

  4. I love the haiku as well (but I needed Romi to point it out to me). Each one can stand alone. When logic (truth) gets fuzzy we have a choice to accept or not.

  5. How clever you are to write a series of haiku.