Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Hildegard Von Bingham

In those dark ages
In winter’s cruel discontent
Words of beauty spoke

“The highest blessing”
She said “in all creation”
all those years ago

“Lies in the form
of a woman” Yet it took
all one thousand years

To recognise her
Many women still unseen
Could have told you that


  1. So very true! But better late than never. Smiles.

  2. Love!! Linking Hildegard's struggle in common with the struggle of other women in and outside the church brings out truth. Perfectly. Winter, indeed!

  3. We all struggle to be seen and given credit for who we are. I think it's no accident that women made the most gains when they did. Technology is the great equalizer.

  4. Perhaps many good men did recognise and transcribe those voices however throughout the ages..You are a sensitive and thoughtful soul truly...

  5. Indeed. I'm glad that she wrote and composed even at the risk of never being noticed. Thanks for your thoughtful comment :)

  6. A Saint with many talents gifts and sacred visions -Honored and Respected
    Recognition takes time...A Bright Light Enlightening the Dark Ages...

  7. thank you for the enlightenment O.D.G. don't mind the name, it's sorta hip way I came up with to call you! Yes, your poem speaks light and good nature. She's very fortunate for such an honor.

  8. Nice. I read something about her music being somehow directly tied in to the woman's form. You seemed to recognize her femininity and her feminism. It is honored late, but she serves as a model for us.

  9. The hidden history is always the most interesting.

  10. So many men of your era are misogynists. Pleased to see you are not and can acknowledge the superior talents of a woman.