Saturday, 20 September 2014

South Australia

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A potted and unreliable history of South Australia for which the author does not apologise

Let me tell of those days of old                             
Way back in eighteen thirty six                            
When others minds were fixed on gold  
Free settlers came here hand in hand            
Made their homes in a southern land     

They crossed three oceans mighty deep
To live in a land of plenty                          
Yet many had much cause to weep        
But never reached the promised shore              
Their graves six fathoms deep or more                  

Men searched for land to plough and till                   
Local natives were not so pleased                      
Despite expressions of goodwill                          
Their hunting grounds and water holes             
No longer theirs to have and hold                                   

Lucky miners soon copper found                        
To help the struggling colony                               
To the land more migrants bound                        
German immigrants came in lines                         
Set about the task by making wines                   

Famous men are not told of here                         
For a lands heart is its people                              
Sheep and crops just everywhere                                   
Equal, freedom for every belief
Keep this in mind so you don't beef 

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  1. They made 'em tough back then. I don't know if I could have done it.

  2. Admirable job ! I truly thought that this was written to a different prompt - the words melted away - a thoroughly enjoyable read :)

  3. I love the fathoms and to have and to hold...very literary! Now you mention it, it is hard to recall Australian historical figures (maybe that's reserved for Australian education) - the only one i know is now behind bars so not a great pioneer

  4. Ps and I guess strictly speaking the invention of the stylophone doesn't make you a notable historical figure anyway

  5. So, the question is: Is there a place for the famous, or only for the nameless?

    1. Too many of the famous are corrupt and not worth naming.

  6. Excellent poem, though I did chuckle over the last word. And yes, it's nameless that really made the country not the famous.

  7. Really like this historical piece...wordle words disappear and that's always a good thing...


  8. Enjoyed your "potted and unreliable" history of South Australia. Born in the U.S. and living in Europe, Australia is like the other side of the moon ... fascinating but rarely seen.

  9. A land's heart is its people. Love that.