Saturday, 7 June 2014

She and I are partners

Her words like a jagged lance                                
As she tears the world asunder                              
To give a shower of rain                                          

A single sheet of lightning                                       
Which sizzles all beneath her feet                          
Threatening my existence                                       

How nature speaks my language                           
Fearsome power of her hello                                  
What right mind would her engage?                      

But she and I are partners                                       
For I love her gentle kisses                                     
The scent of her morning breeze                            

To me she is number one                                       
Always welcome here at my place             
As she weeps for me alone                        

Back in the far far distance                                     
Now a muffled roar of thunder 
She's stomping across the plain                        

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  1. It's funny how some partnerships work. Sounds a tempestuous one!

  2. "as she weeps for me alone" a particularly vulnerable and touching image that has this poem shimmering

  3. There is so much to love about this piece I'd have to call it brilliant. What else can I say?

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  5. It is like each is there for the other but in parallel unreachable worlds..louded like a rain filled cloud fit to pour..

  6. Weather is our forever partner and companion, frustrating our schedules, giving us moments of beauty and passion, so often speaking to our emotions. Really like this one,


  7. Love how you used mother nature as your partner here, Old Egg. Nice poem.


  8. wow, your 'rain' love song is terrific; finally, we've got the rains here as well since Friday night

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  9. You worked those words in beautifully...and how else can we think of her, but as a companion in life, to ride the storms of life.

  10. To love nature for all her beauty and all her tempests is strong love for sure. It is good to be in partnership with nature. Nice use of the words.

  11. I marvel that even in the warm summer rains the lightening bugs still blink in search of their friends. And yet their are the days when the sky rumbles that one wonders if they are the cause of the upset...or if the gods are just in bad humor.

    So glad you stopped by and enjoyed Sonja's journey. The widow has a some interesting new friends. :) And glad that you too are one of them!

  12. I love those storms both metaphorical and literal who run through our lives waking passion.

  13. This is a fine piece of work and an interesting use of the words.

  14. How do you do it? You never fail to delight.

  15. This partner - always so inspiring, don't let us get bored! Love the images, love that nature 'speaks' your language.

  16. There's a feeling of oneness here . And it had sustained for quite a while! I like the aura of wanting to be together. Wonderfully written oldegg!