Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baby's due in Spring

I’m in love again
Her father is vehement
She is not for me

Sue connives with me
She’s a master of intrigue
“I’ll say I’m pregnant”

I gulped with worry
As this ploy could get me killed
But father agreed

“Good!” laughed my sweet Sue
“Now we have some work to do
Baby’s due in spring”


  1. That's a twist on the usual order in which these types of scenarios play out!

  2. Charming and humorous although, boy, what a father in law to live with!
    Mine is here.

  3. lovely poetry ,I have followed your blog

    My entry The Path

  4. Gulp. Oh, boy. Now he's really in for it.

  5. This happens a lot. At least he's acting the part of a real man. Great write, Robin!