Saturday, 28 June 2014

Maybe it's winter

Just like a ripe plum
I was so smitten with Julie
With the rosy glow

Then there was Gina
She held my hand at singing
Her eyes were on me

It was a new school
We’d moved to a new township
“Do your best” said mum

But I loved Julie
Whose sweet eyes never left me
Springtime long ago

I’m much older now
Why do I think of those days?
Maybe it’s winter

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  1. Julies can be troublesome..maybe Gina is a steadier hand...wrap up warm!

  2. I love your deep meandering thoughts. Winter gives us much time for thought me thinks. Thanks for the comment on my post that led me to ponder (I could write a poem about it.)

  3. Winter always makes us long for spring, and I love your springtime memories.

  4. Nice I do think because it is winter I went a similar way

  5. Winter cold has a habit of stirring old warmths. A beautiful memory trail.

  6. Love that the new school made you happy...:)