Saturday, 21 June 2014

Darkness is my friend

Darkness is my friend
Your a creature of the night
Seduced by my kiss

Others praying hide
I tease with plague and blood
No gun at my side

Dreadful choice for you
Just a penny for your thoughts
Much more for your life

Your tarot's no use
Or pleas to an unseen god
The time has now come

For dancing with me
We levitate to the stars
Darkness is our friend

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  1. It can't be a good friend if we need to take others with us..hmm..that made my noodle churn..a fine story neatly and darkly wrapped in this poem..

  2. Touch of the supernatural about this! Deliciously dark.

  3. It can be….or not. I find right now, I am better in the light, dark thoughts seem to find me in the dark.

  4. Look at you, first in the whirl this week!!

  5. Darkness has a certain romanticism around it. Only certain people can have that privilege. Wonderful take oldegg!


  6. Now try the same in the light, and if it works - there are true feelings! :)x

  7. Old Egg, I love this, and the last stanza is wonderful.


  8. havent written from the wordles in a long while, think i will this week

    much love...

  9. Brilliant poem and yes, Darkness can be your friend too.

  10. Ah, you have a dark side, too. Well done. I believe I may have missed levitate in mine!

  11. Thank you for your visit.

    Your piece reminds me of The Angel of Death who will come whenever and where ever, without any warning. There is no real threat, just a natural cycle - but went unexpected perhaps less than romantic?

    And also the waiting and expectation when we are (it seems mostly in the darkness of night) that a loved one is lost.

  12. When darkness is your friend I expect that you need a bat's wing to levitate.