Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Was I at the forefront?
Did I shout slogans?
Did I march with you

Was I at your side?
Did I stand and protest?
Did we link arms together

Was I there for you?
Did I pick you up?
Did brush away your tears

Was I planting trees?
Did I give what I could?
Did I love you all

Is that me hiding?
Do I turn away?
Do I hang my head in shame


  1. Oh! Do not turn away in shame! Though it works beautifully in this to-the-point power poem. What an amazing lifelong possibility to protest had we not work to do to earn our living and to live. And yet, maybe not visibly, but in small ways, I believe some do much more than we think. I love the structure of this poem, the rhetorical questions, the little glimpse of unity apparent in each stanza.

  2. I especially love "Was I planting trees? Did I give what I could? Did I love you all World? I suspect the answer is Yes to all.

  3. I feel the passionate heart behind your lines, Oldegg!

  4. How much we owe the world is one of the tough questions, IMO. The idealist in us all says to give all of ourselves, but the reality is that our sight is limited and so are our resources. I got into this a little with Steal Tomorrow, but left the answer open-ended because I think we each must choose what we're willing to give and what we will regret not giving.

  5. They also serve who only stand and wait

  6. The questions hang very well.

  7. Good questions. If you did not, then I suppose you might feel a little guilty or then again maybe not. Most would not. The only reason the world is in this sorry state is because people do not involve themselves. It may only be a signature to a letter or some relevantly small thing, not taking too much time or effort. If we could all do this en masse, things would change.

  8. There are different front lines in stand up for the ones you love is most important..

  9. Every question strikes home with me, I hope that I have been there for those who needed me, when they needed me. Excellent write :-)

  10. Love, love, love your structure and creativity!!! I enjoyed the way you ended each stanza with groups of people. and I love how you built the excitement and the climax to which you simply ended with defeat and shame. Applaud!!!

  11. I think there are very vocal activists and there is another powerful front of silent activists that do...
    An excellent response