Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Rosebud

She lowered her eyes
I look at her standing there
Like a fresh rose bud

She is beautiful
To approach her is risky
We were so different

For if I did this
Would place her in jeopardy
And she could lose face

Family must know
For there are rules to follow
It is hard for me

I tell her uncle
For he is a go between
For me, I must wait

He gives me a call
It’s a cathartic moment
Father will meet me

And so it begins
I see everyone but her
This is a good sign

Then I’m invited
To share a meal with them all
And to talk to her

Now there is a chance
That this rosebud will be mine
To bloom together


  1. What a romantic poem!! well i really hope for him to get his Rosebud!!

  2. Seems a familiar sequence of courtship involving a forbidden love or of a protected and pure young lady to be wooed. Great write oldegg!


  3. There's more to the story, I'm sure, since it ends with hope for what might be.

    Cathartic Buttercups

  4. I love the containment this piece (lasting) love is as much a calculation as an impulsive feeling or action..roses bloom multiple times don't they? I am glad you take us through the rose garden...

  5. I appreciate your careful way, 'by rules', and this approach certainly will be rewarded.

  6. aw what romantic prose I love the thoughts about being with her expressed.

  7. Interesting cultural perspective. My feminist daughter would be appalled.

  8. Even as I near 70, I am still a romantic and I loved this piece of yours. Of course, I imagine that love will win in the end. I've spent fifteen months of the last two years in India and am intrigued by so many arranged marriages. I've talked to many I meet who tell me they "hope" they will "grow" to love their partners.

  9. How romantic! love that this is the old style of which people took permission to bloom together :)

  10. You old romantic! That is simply gorgous.

  11. In reality there is nothing romantic about arranged marriages where the women are sold off like cattle !

    1. I was hoping not to make this piece controversial. He has tried to win her hand with the family's and her approval. Please assume the girl here will be asked her opinion.

  12. This is lovely! You remain ever the romantic and I'm sure she will say yes to one so careful to please her family.