Saturday, 28 June 2014

Love is not a level playing field

Each of us has a key
Sometimes we use it
Just a single time
Others find it unlocks many doors
It is the key of love

As a player in the game
I still have mine
To use over and over again
It glints and beguiles
My key of love

Let me show it to you
No, let me give it to you
A present as you have lost yours
Mine has served me well
Let me approach you

To place it round your neck
Now like a grain of hope
Your heart can grow full of love
Careful you don’t scratch it
For then it tells the truth

Each time you use it
Every phase of your life
Remember who gave it to you
For part of me will there
Attached to you too

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  1. There is something of a fairytale about this..a tale of passing on protection and knowing..beautifully done..i think we all need a little key necklace

  2. Wow, nice metaphor of key. It worked.

  3. very nice.


  4. This is simply exquisite! What a paean to the power of love!

  5. Oh, I didn't know you cared Old Egg! I promise I'll look after it!

  6. I like the idea of a key that tells the truth when scratched. I'd be tempted to brush or polish it with a brillo pad on occasion. There's a bit of magic in this one,


  7. Thank you! I'll take it and pass it on to someone else when I've finished using it.

  8. This love story i can read again and again, do you know i was also thinking key today, remember to link in at Sunday savvy you are very welcome

    Much love...

  9. Such a nice gift!

  10. I like the "a present as you have lost yours" idea. There's more story back of that. I always like those suggested layers

  11. 'It glints and beguiles
    My key of love' ~ ha, 'beguiles' has two opposite meanings..a story at any choice...nice present.

  12. You are such a romantic at heart. with a bit of a devil toss in too.

  13. Great take on this week's challenge. It always amazes me how the words can be taken in such varied directions. Wonder where my mind was when the first thing that came to my mind was a coach's locker room pep talk!

    Love your careful and lovely use of these words.

  14. This is an adult fairy tale! I love it!

  15. This is beautiful, and has an enchanting feel to it ... loved it :-)

  16. What a lovely poem. I love the idea of remembering where love came from, Old Egg.


  17. A lovely idea and beautifully presented in this poem! Well done indeed!