Friday, 13 June 2014

What Halcyon days

I looked in her eyes
Then I dared to touch her cheek
She was beautiful

First she stared at me
Then lowered her eyes in shame
That she’d not cried out

That is how we met
And how we became lovers
What halcyon days

Her family found out
But I was not suitable
She was forbidden

So now I begin
A thousand years of darkness
For she was my light

Image from completewellbeing .com


  1. Such a dreadfully sad ending, but not every love story turns out happily ever after, does it?

  2. Sometimes in the darkness we can figure out a reach the ones we love and reclaim all those lost days..

  3. She has beautiful eyes. The photo. And I'm sorry for you not getting your girl. That must have been very depressing. Cheer up though, the experience made you more stronger, perhaps?

  4. Darkness after the light of love
    Good one