Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fly sky high

Snip, snipe, gripe
What is this hate in life?
That pushes, shoves, not loves

Tap, flap, slap
So what’s the crisis now?
That makes us loath each other

Fly, sky, high
Where do we go from here?
Don’t stall our love of peace



  1. I love this we shouldn't stall our love of peace.

  2. Sometimes it feel as though any excuse to fight will do; as though hate drove us more than love. But I'll still bank on peace.

  3. I think we can get stuck looking at our feet..your words and the photo makes it seem easy - just look up... :)

  4. Where to go from here? An eternal question.

  5. Hate, crisis, and a lack of peace all go together. Actually, one leads to another and you show that progression so well in this poem.

  6. Indeed, it's so light, enjoyable life to love, but we are the creators of troubles...we like to fight, so - looking where and with who, loving the power...