Monday, 16 June 2014

A lesson from Song (Dum tales 23)

Yum and Dong often went walking on the beach to meet Song the woman from a different clan who knew about cures for sicknesses. As it was summer time now they travelled further afield as sometimes she was not on the beach but in the woods or walking by the streams. They knew where she was because she said she searched the plants she needed so sang out to them that they were needed.

Yum loved her as a friend but Dong was a little jealous and she was nervous that the men in Song’s clan might come across them and steal them for themselves. When Yum told her this Song laughed so much she almost cried. She went up to Dong and put her arm around her and assured her she was safe.

“Dong do not be scared, I am what is called the spirit woman. The men are in awe of me. For I am the one they turn to when in trouble. If the women or children are sick or if one of the men has been bitten by an animal, they will come to me for help.”

“Are you not married Song?” Yum asked. Again Song smiled but shook her head. “When I was but young they found me one day singing to the hills, and a wind sprang up and whistled as I did so then the clouds gathered for a storm as if in answer my call. Now no man dare touch me lest I cast a spell on them. They called me Song from that day on.”

“So they respect you now” said Yum.

“You are the first one Yum not to fear me. Even Dong is still not sure, are you?”

Dong shook her head doubtfully.

Still smiling Song said “Come with me and I will show you some of my secrets for there is much to find in this season”.

So the women and the children walked with Song and she showed them the plants she used.

First she found some nettles and while Yum was telling the children not to touch the plants Song walked up and grasped some firmly in her hands and brought it back to show them. “This will help if a wound will not stop bleeding. Don’t be afraid that it will hurt but grab it firmly and then it will not sting.  It is only the little hairs on the leaves that sting.” Yum nodded at her but still checking the children who were pulling the heads off some yellow flowers nearby.

Song laughed “See they are doing my job for me. This plant (Dandelion) will help to reduce fever, look at the white milk inside the stem when we break it".

As they walked on Song kept on finding plants she used “Look at this little bulb (onion or perhaps garlic) in the ground it is good to eat with food but is also a medicine. Then spying a large leafed plant further off “Come, come, if you chew this one (Castor Oil plant) you will not be constipated. Doesn’t your man sometimes complain about that? We must eat plants as well as meat”.

They spent much of the day with her and just before they thought they should go home she said, "Stay here. Do you not see the bees flying home to their nest? I will see if they can give us some honey”.

So while Song found a long stick Yum, Dong and the children sat in a field of flowers waiting for her. After a short while she came running towards them stick in hand.

“Have you been stung, Song?”

Song shook her head, “No, not this time. They thought that a branch from the tree had damaged the hive not this woman on the end of a long stick,” she laughed. “Now each of you have a lick of the honey then tell me what you think.”

So they all tasted the honey that dripped from the stick and their eyes opened wide with amazement.

Yum laughed, “I must not tell Dum. He always says he could eat me up. If he tasted this he wouldn’t want me anymore.”

Song then said “It is difficult to get, but it helps wounds heal especially burns.”

Still licking their fingers they started off for home. Even Dong who was doubtful before was beginning to like Song.


  1. I like song too! Nicely done as always... I love to come and read this! I forget sometimes when I dont sign up for two shoes tuesdays. Glad I came here today... this is such a fun story line.

  2. This is a great story for the prompt. I always enjoy your stories. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. These are such wonderful stories. Thank you.

  4. Another awesome episode, Old Egg! I especially like this one because your portrayal of woman as a mystic and healer falls inline with the teachings of so many native cultures. I like Song in her willingness to share her knowledge with her new friends, and in the fact that the men respect and fear her!:-) Great TST post, thank you!

  5. I enjoyed reading this wonderful story about Song and her new friends.

  6. I am new to this link. It is nice to meet you. I enjoyed the story about Song and I look forward to reading more of the story.


  7. One wonders how much trial and error went into some of these discoveries, which we now take for granted.

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  9. I like Song a lot.

    So... this is a serial you held out on me, isn't it. Tsk.