Sunday, 3 February 2013

With Cupid's help

I wish I could see

That sweet face of yours again

That would be heaven


Miserable me

How can I prove my true love?

What is enough then?


To interest you

I figure there must be a way

So what can I do?


I will bust my gut

An arrow straight to the heart

Go on love me now


  1. Romantic to the core...
    Hope your lady love appreciates you.

    Old Egg, young at heart. You played this wordle list well.

    I started writing one verse a week here, but then ended up writing a story verse too, so now I write a non-story and a continuation of my fantasy. Both links are in the reply section of the Sunday Whirl because Mr. Linky confused me this week. I'll give you my non-story verse link here:

    Welcome to the Sunday Whirl!

  2. Where would we be without cupid?

  3. I usually use the wordle words in a poem. Whatever topic the words move me towards. I like your wordle.

  4. Aggressive suitor huh???stalker status at the end...:-)

  5. Love is always a good topic. Your poem is direct and immediate,


  6. Aw, heartbreaking. Hope love comes. :)

  7. From and to the heart also..little words as strong as arrow flints when fired together..

  8. I blame it on the little guy with the arrow, he gets you every time. Nice one, Old Egg.


  9. Perfect time of year to be thinking of love. It happens to the best of us, often when we least expect.

  10. They always say love comes when you least expect or want it! :)

  11. You can't teach an Old Egg new tricks, but an Old Egg can teach me a thing or two. Thanks.

  12. Your first stanza brought someone to mind. ha! Then I realized, I have my true love with me every day. Thanks for the write. It's a good one.