Sunday, 17 February 2013

Nightmare babies

Light shining outside
Now it’s gone, the door is closed
I am on my own

Candlelight flickers
But that too will soon leave me
But never alone

They’re under the bed
Laughing, scuttling and hiding
They are real to me

Since birth they have been
My companions, hurt, naked
They told me their tale

They were but little
Children denied life, held back 
With no place to go

I have what they lack
They are not imaginary
But denied a chance

They never took root
Why can’t I see their faces
crying for a life?


  1. A sad and tender story about little souls who never felt the joy of life. My heart hurts for them, but then I believe they will have another chance!

  2. This poem has so much symbolism in it. Small children in dreams most often signify creative energy or endeavors. What a metaphor that makes. Thanks for your visit,


  3. Oo haunted. Yet, they're not imaginary, yes children lacking all we have do exist. I like the tunes in the first 3 paras :)

  4. Yes, the wordle does lean toward children!

  5. Don't listen to them. Listening just makes them multiply.

  6. My first thought was drawn to the movies, like the one where the little boy says; "I see dead people."

    There are great mysteries - and if one would like to believe there are possibilities for happy endings.

    My non-story also went to children who have little or no voice:

  7. They used to scare me silly, those children under the bed. They wanted to grab my ankles so that I had to jump to get off my bed at night. Thanks for bringing them back. I'll probably have nightmares. ;) Strong write, I enjoyed it. Thank you.

  8. Perfect paranormal peculiarities.

  9. I think that you make have a changeling infestation. Quick! Boil some water in two eggshells. They will laugh and the fairies will come take them away.