Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Her eyes

Oft I am tempted
To fall in love with a girl
A taste of passion

It’s a fault of mine
Sometimes it may well backfire
It is only a game

Whether in the street
Drinking a cup of coffee
Sitting on the bus

Names I never know
Just a glance and I am caught
In their charming net

But once in a while
They might return the favour
It may be a smile

More often her eyes
Play with me and sparkle then
Hold me in her gaze

I dare to say “Your eyes”
Embarrassed, a tiny smile
Caught, we turn away


  1. Ah, I remember that rush of feeling that comes with the first knowing glance. Hasn't happened in a while . . . Great work!

  2. It's so much fun in the chasing. The years may falter but the tactics are the same! Nicely!


  3. Yes, indeed a flirting game!

  4. I have the feeling you would be pretty good at the art of flirting in real life. You are a master at it on the net:)

  5. :) love that last paragraph..that is indeed a feeling we will remember

  6. I read it twice... I wasn't staring or anything... ;)

  7. You haven't really changed much - have you! I liked this a lot.

  8. never hurts to look...and maybe wish a little...a wsih that we were young agin so the pretty smile might be for us...but alas...

  9. Sweet little flirty adventure... I love your sense of romance in its many forms, Robin.

    One note (pls don't take offense), should it be "sitting on the bus" instead of "sat," or is that a colloquialism? Just wondered.

    Very nice, babe. Peace, Amy

  10. Of course it should Amy, but "sitting" would be two syllables and I only need one. I have already committed an earlier error in the very first word in the first line with "every" and have been worrying about that for days. I nearly changed that to "Now" but I am not happy with it. Trouble is when you fall in love you forget the rules.

  11. I love those flirtatious little moments. I hope I'm never too old for them.

  12. ah, ha....I really like the flirting and way the poem flows

  13. Damn the rules! I had to correct it.

  14. Love this poem, and the previous one, Getting Old. There's a sweet humor in each of them. Also, thank you for your blog visit and comment on mine!

  15. Hi! I had to stop at this one because of the title. I can see how her eyes might be more mesmerizing than her smile or even a wave. There is something very magical about locking the gaze.

    I love reading your charming pieces. I'll have to come back to catch up a little. With spring approaching, I'm able to start walking away from the tight grasp of the school year. Hope you are well!

  16. Just to say that on your recommendation have just seen " Silver Linings Playbook"...really enjoyed it..great music story and setting..Thanks Dawlin'