Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Getting Old

The mirror’s my enemy now                        

I can charm, and I can still dance

I have dreams too in abundance 

Like the hair that grows out my ears

Words they still come to me apace

And lines - they’re written on my face                    

But those now, they will never go                

The mirror is my enemy now.                                  


The mirror’s my enemy now                        

Slow, casual and so assured                                  

I must be in case I am floored                                 

False confidence and smiling too                                      

As I don’t know what else to do                              

I used to know each turn of phase                                           

But now they leave me in a daze                

The mirror’s my enemy now


  1. You discourage me Robin. I'm old enough to see the signs of what my mirror will one day show, and I want to hear that one becomes too wise, too tuned-in to the things that really matter to have any use for vanity.

  2. Is the hair in the ear a guy thing?

    I HATE the mirror and avoid it at all costs. I don't FEEL any older, so as long as I can avoid the mirror, I will still think I am young!

  3. Good poem, O.E. The hair that grows in the ears can be a problem as well as the eyebrows growing long bushy type hairs.

    I trim my eyebrows as I can see them in the mirror. I also use the electric trimmer on my ear hairs until by barber lady can cut them better along with my haircuts.

    My mirrow and I have a truce of sorts. It tells me about problems that I can fix and I keep it clean and in a nice place.

    Right now the mirror is showing me a red eye, a bandaged nose and swollen face. I had some carsinomas removed, the one on my nose had deep roots.

  4. This was a great write... I relate to it too well. I stare at that old frumpy woman in the mirror and wonder what became of that 20 something young woman, I still remember inside. It all goes too fast, and I still believe we should all get to choose a new body at 50, wouldn't that be grand?! :-) Thanks for the great contribution to TST!

  5. So were you looking over my shoulder?? Goodness I look in the mirror nowadays and wonder "who is that old gal?" And the creaks and groans and aches? In my mind and heart I am so not that person but I guess it is better than the alternative as they say!!

  6. great poem Robin. When I look in the mirror I realize those lines are signs of laughter. The graying hair signs of wisdom, the deep bags under my eyes too little sleep from too much living!

  7. Wow, this is a tough week to hop around. I get what you mean though. I have certain had a few of those days lately.

  8. I look in the mirror and wonder who is in my house? I echo the thoughts of others...Truly enjoyed the read!

  9. Never drink from the bottom half of the glass and never dote on the bottom half of the mirror.

  10. Just think to yourself 'My God! There's a lot of experience in that face, and I was there at the time.'
    My problem is creaky knees. I couldn't even play wicket-keeper now, let alone bowl; and as for batting - forget it, but then, I always had to!

  11. Oh no, Old Egg! This made me really sad ;-(

  12. It can not be a complete enemy; I imagine you seeing wisdom and honesty. I wonder if there is a sense of freedom with not having to "know each turn of phase".

    I know you also see light and charm.