Monday, 18 February 2013


She was beautiful

Raven hair, eyes that twinkled

So love at first sight


They flirted together

At work where he was her boss

Oh calamity!


Seduced by his charm

Ardour sprang like Spring’s blossoms

With heat yet to come


She planned the future

With joy brimming in her heart

Yet he was married


Her pain was intense

And the retribution swift

"I have told your wife"




  1. A story sadly too familiar, Old Egg, and I have to say that the boss got what he deserved. WHen cheating is going on, both involved are in the wrong, and as adults should know better. Sometimes we let the heat of the moment overtake our common sense, and someone always ends up paying for the resulting mess. Great story, and I hope both learned a good lesson from this dabbling :-) Thanks for joining me at Two Shoes Tuesday!

  2. awe yes, nothing so deadly as the vengence of a woman..I suppose that he should be happy that he still has the tools to chase another.

  3. To him: 'Clot!'

    To her: 'Bitch!'

  4. What an interesting quick little story. Pretty wild, especially the part about his wife. I think Josie is right, the whole trio needs to come undone. You are clever at unfolding a climatic story so neatly. I really like the natural turning point in the middle.

  5. Cheating doesn't pay? She has lost her job, he has lost his marriage.

    Nice haiku form. I call these senryū.