Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Our secret world

We laugh as you douse my flame again

A battle long fought, well played

So many years of thrust and parry

Yet I always let you carry the day


We are not a matched couple

Once a month with naughty talk

A touch and shake of the head

And then a kiss of sweet goodbye


We go for a meal and laugh

With talk of life and nonsense

Drinking wine and me holding

One of your little fingers


We never validate our love

Why should we proclaim it?

It is there for all to know

This means just the two of us.


  1. hmmmm so privately romatic this is lovely

  2. A wonderful sweetness to this
    poem, Old Egg.

  3. Again, this is lovely. How nice it must be to be the person on the receiving end of this poem.

  4. Ah, this sounds like a relationship of convenience where the passion has long since departed! Well penned.

  5. Rather lovely. This reminds me of a couple I once knew !

  6. when you put on your poetry cape, your words soar across the sky like superman. you should write more of it.

  7. Ditto to gsb comment. Whimsical and sweet.You have a way with romantic poetry.There is an innocence about this.


  8. Maybe a shared secret world is the best kind..

  9. Secret passion and a love story held.
    Love it!