Sunday, 5 May 2019

Reading and writing

It's hard to lose one's best friends
That's how I felt with boxfuls
Of second hand books in car
Moving house for one more time

Borrowed trailer helped a bit
My fault to have so much stuff
With each move a slash and burn
While getting poems to rhyme

I'm stupid, purblind, trust all
Sheets, blankets all in first trip
China rattles in the back
To new home the car did climb

Passed one hotel so that's fine
Writers need to taste this world
Scribbling poems and ditties
Sheets of love tales so sublime

Fine to put them on the web
Readers pleased comments galore
Print editions would be best
Not yet made a single dime

What I'd really like to see
My face and book in window
Of the best bookshops in town
Even for a single time

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  1. I'd like to have my work displayed in a bookstore too, rather than online. If only... **sigh**

  2. Excellent use of the words. Imagine all of the book signings, interviews, writers festivals and the throngs of besotted female fans pursuing you. You would hate it:)

    I enjoyed this poem very much. I have donated so many books to Vinnies. Lots more stuff to go. When did you take this pic of my car?