Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Woke up early

Woke up early and it was already light
While I was shaking off effects of last night
Visitors came and lasted beyond their stay
Not that they knew it, but I'd had a long day

I looked outside to view our garden green
Wifey has the kids and all her chores unseen
Walks dog and tends each flower bed
Cooks like chef and pleases me; enough said?

She looks beautiful, sleeping peacefully now
I wonder if kiss on the lips she'd allow?
All at once she said these words "I'm not asleep
As I've checked on you now and then with a peep"

"I'd woke earlier, thought you'd left on the light
But the sun had beaten us by shining bright
So there's only one thing you can do for me
My dear, is go and get me that cup of tea"

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  2. That does show the comfort zone of marriage clearly!

  3. Ah that sunlight right on time, no switching on or off. Just bring there and leaving at thr right time.
    Happy you dropped by my blog todau Robin.


  4. Ha a true sunshine day, for wifey, isn't it?

  5. Lovely, to have someone to bring tea to - and even more lovely to have it brought to one in bed. Sigh. That happened only once in my life, and it brought me to tears.

  6. What a wonderful way to begin the morning. With the quiet light of morning to discover that you're not alone in enjoying it.

  7. A cup of tea in bed is a very important ritual and the smart husbands score a lot of brownie points reaping the marital benefits:)Fresh orange juice as well gets bonus benefits and a full breakfast ...well enough said:)

  8. A beautifully warm and endearing poem...

  9. Ha! Nothing like appreciating how someone manages to do everything--and finding she can do one more thing. Humor shines here. Love.

  10. Sipping tea in bed would be kind to do this for your lover.

  11. I love the familiarity of the scenario, Robin, and the glimpse into your life.

  12. Sounds like a perfect morning!!

  13. How delightful! Domestic love can indeed be bliss.

  14. Great poem Rob. Guess a man’s work is never done... ;-)