Saturday, 25 May 2019

I woke from my dream

I woke from my dream, just where had I been?
Seems like three hundred years ago
I worked in an architects office
Drawing boards on benches by windows
Chatter of draftsmen, pencils in hand
Erasers sitting waiting for call

"Boss has gone on an inspection"
Says Matt, whose window faces car park
Relaxing now he now makes paper planes
Smallest models, snipped and taped up
That fly about the drawing office
For half hour or so; except one day

That was when the boss returned early
We believed we'd be safe for a spell
As we had just launched our fighter jets
Door opened and in he walked unaware
He looked at Pat then at me straight faced
"Forgot to pick up the Palmer flle"

Ignoring the paper plane on the floor
I walked to the drawer and fetched the file
As he left he gave me a small grin
"Might be a long time, it's already three"
Thirsty after that fright, tidy up
Tea girls trolley is a welcome sight

Now we really must get back to work
So cleaned scraps of paper slits off floor
Pat says "Must give him longer to go"
As he fills his fountain pen with ink
While I do my given tasks quietly
Dark now, wonder what Mum's got for tea?

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Curiously when I viewed the given words they allowed my to recall my very first job working in an architects office and my older workmate's passion for making paper planes in his spare time or when he was bored and this poem records the time when the boss caught us out by chance!


  1. Just think: You could have been sacked when the boss walked in, but you weren't!

  2. Daydreaming is always risky at work