Sunday, 12 May 2019

A baby's born

She lay on her back breathing
Her breasts heaving
Her thighs quivered
Her eyes watching
As baby's born
Midwife holding
New baby now being weighed

"That's a mountain climbed" she said
"Let's check you out"
Baby now wrapped
Placed in her arms
Murmurs her love
Singing a song
Now surging with emotion

"You've been nine months a'coming
I'm your Mama
You'll see Dad soon
All in good time
But I'm the boss
There's work to do
Clean the stains and tidy up”

"You and me will be tigers
My first baby
My little girl
All I wished for
Princess at home
Have no secrets
Now let's meet Daddy shall we?"

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  1. This made me smile, Robin. Your poem, I think, portrays that special bond that can exist between mother and child. (But, of course, Daddy is key as well.)

  2. This is such a beautiful and heart-stirring poem, Robin!!❤️

  3. Awww, how sweet and transforming, that moment. I love "we shall be tigers together."

  4. You did so well with the prompt words! And I love that fact that mum is the boss!

  5. beautiful mothers day write,,,love...bkm

  6. So beautiful... but these days I think Daddy is there from the start (at least in Sweden).

  7. The "I'm the boss" made me laugh. It reads like something my grandma would've said, while her eyes shined with mirth.

  8. This poem is wonderful to read on mother's day!

  9. The bss from tye first moment, and always. Wonderful ecpression of bonding...
    Love it old egg...! :-)

  10. A lovely ode to that special mother-child bond … A wonderful choice for Mother's Day, Robin.

  11. There is a special relationship between mother and child; father's get it - sort of - not really. Well expressed!

  12. My husband was in the room with me through both my kids births - including the C-section! I remember those first moments with each of them quite well.

  13. Moment beautifully captured..