Wednesday, 15 May 2019

My father-in-law

My father-in-law hated picnics
It wasn't his favourite activity
He liked his meals served up on a plate
At the table in the dining room
Eating out 'en plein air' he did hate

But he liked to swim did my wife's dad
At the sandy beach close to our home
But seeing that snacks were in the pack
He'd walk far away along the beach
Searching for round pebbles, shells and wrack

Not that he was a miserable guy
His sense of humour quite unique
Loved it when grandkids curled in his lap
Best of all swam in the briny sea
Then in the deckchair take a long nap

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  1. Such sweet memories of an in-law. He must have had a positive impact on your life. (Some of us are trying (in vain) to delete our in-laws from our memory banks!)

  2. Ha that's a nice sketch of your father-in-law. I could see him.

  3. He knew what he liked. The long nap sounds good. One sleeps better in the open air.

  4. Yeah, lovely poem, i can identify with loving in laws. I am thus blessed


  5. My dad never came with us to the seaside. My granddad tried once but he was agoraphobic and the day did not end well.

  6. A man after my own heart!!

  7. Lovely...I would love to lead a relaxing holiday with grandkids at dotty's place, anyday..and if it is near a sea!! Smiles

  8. Nice portrait of a man who knows his own mind.

  9. Old Egg,
    any kind of family gathering is always fun, especially at the coast. Children usually retain memories of such days, for the activities involved,more than the taste of sandy sandwiches!!!