Saturday, 18 May 2019

Riding the bike

"Good he's learning to ride the bike"
I'm home from work, wife son in hand
Leading him crying back indoors
"This is your job" She said sadly
"I feed him, clothe him and yours is
to teach him things that end badly"

Her sarcasm was not lost on me
So I went out to fetch the bike
No damage, so wheeled it back in
But sat down and showed him my scar
Son was nibbling at a biscuit
"That's from when I fell out my car"

"No it's not" said my wife, smiling
"My appendix scar is bigger"
By this time our son was grinning
"Now you have fallen off" she said
"You don't have to do it again
but can have a story in bed"

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  1. Ha... I think to ride a bike properly you have to fall a few time... a scar is a great memory

  2. I remember riding my first bicycle back in the 90s.. I used to fall a lot! This is such a delightful read, Robin!❤️

  3. Kids love bedtime stories. Our youngest granddaughter, ten in July, likes them to be true. I have a bicycle scar, at ten or do I under a tin roof and sliced a big hunk of hair out of my scalp.
    Robin, I have a poem, not mine that reminded me of your widower situation. I hope you won't mind my linking here. After you finish read the writer's background for the situation, for me it was not what I expected. You'll need to copy and paste it I think. May 23 2019&utm_content=Poem-a-Day May 23 2019 CID_ce2cb8bc259978fa8d2f425f221c875a&utm_source=Email from Campaign Monitor&utm_term=Gone Is Gone

    1. That link got stretched out and won't get you there. Try this
      Gone is gone link

      Gone is gone link

  4. A lively scene pictured in a lovely manner! Well penned.