Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Talking to some friends

Talking to some friends of mine
The birds, the beasts and a fish or two
Wondering what we should do

Clearly climate was in strife
Surely the creatures who were to blame
Would forfeit their lives in shame

They looked down as they discussed
And avoided glancing in my eyes
Who was at fault? No surprise!

Clearly the Earth would not survive
If the most destructive creature stayed
"Sorry sir, it's you I'm afraid"

Trying to soften the blow
They said "It's not you but all your mates"
"For you it's the pearly gates"

I tried to plead for a stay
They said "Use your brains, rocket away"
"Bio-diversity is the only way"

Then I awoke from that wild dream
For they were right and we were so wrong
We must change before that gong

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  1. I'm not so sure there's a way back from the mess we've made - between climate breakdown and ecological disaster..there's not much left to save. It's quite frightening.

  2. "Clearly the Earth would not survive / If the most destructive creature stayed"---How frightening and true!!

  3. We are the most abhorrent species - at least some of us - when we could be so brilliant. Sigh. We learn the hard way and that "way" is going to get much harder. The rich will clutch their wealth to their chests to the very end. But it wont save them.

  4. The message in the dream is very true Robin! I like the way you went with getting it across to the world. Mankind needs to wake up indeed!!

  5. Yes. We all need to wake up.

  6. A wonderful piece!! But I am afraid the gong has sounded...

  7. I like the personification in your poem, it makes this abstract biodiversity more real and personal. Yes, we all should wake up, and forget about Mars. Earth is our home, and a planet we should care about.

  8. Yes, it's US...tragically, the most literate lot is posing a threat to biodiversity.
    Your poem leaves a poignant message, Robin. Brilliant..

  9. Yes, poignantly written Robin

  10. 😊"For you it's the pearly gates"
    Happy for you my friend
    Thanks for dropping by my blog