Sunday, 25 May 2014

Two pearls

Last week there was a request for a sequel to the story "The girl in the reeds" this is it. 

Gor’s face showed his sorrow
picked up by a mother’ concern
as she surveyed his eyes

She knew at once he was in love
and wanted to wrap him in her arms
so pleased that he spoke to her

“Do I know her”, she asked
“Is she one from the village?”
He bowed and shook his head then spoke

“I should not have looked on her
nor she on me, but we did.
Bel comes from the hills to the north”

The mother laid her hand on his face
“You needs meet her again son
to show her you are strong and brave

Dare to visit her people Gor,
and take an offering for her parents
to show them of your respect”

Gor shook his head again in doubt
“They’ll refuse me and the gift I offer
and then they will surely punish me.”

Gor’s mother denied this and laughed
“I have something they will not refuse”
Showing him a pair of pearls from the sea

“Go soon and I will tell your father
lest he dissuade you with men’s tales
for I see nor harm in this, only good

Better to cross that river with a gift and a smile
than to take an empty angry fist and be stuck
in the foul mud of anger and deceit”

It took some time for Gor to climb
high into the forested mountains
where even bird calls could be that of men

Was that a pigeon, is that crow?
Gor alert, thought that meant he’d been seen,
but still no-one barred his passage

Smoke scent signaled habitation
his heart now fluttered with fear
each sound, each squeak was a puzzle

Then the ripple of children's laughter
relaxed his mind as the camp fires’ scent
showed him he was almost there

The children ran off to report his coming
soon a querulous crowd surrounded him
“May I speak to Bel’s father?”

Thus he came and looked Gor up and down
then indicated that he should follow him
where he was seated on a mat

Before he could speak, a finger
went to the father’s lips then in the air
indicating they wait for another

Then Bel and her mother entered
surprise showed on the girls bowed face
as well as a touch of fear

“You were expected” her mother said
“Bel told me that you would be sure to come
but we did not think that would be so.”

“You speak our language well” Gor said.
“As well I might, as I too am from the shore
And now you want to return a part of me there.”

“I do, I want Bel to be my wife”
The mother then spoke to the father
who looked at Gor and shook his head in doubt

Gor then took the pearls from their bag
He placed one in each hand
And opened them for the father

“I come in friendship with a gift"
He looked at Bel "should she be willing”
Both father and daughter nodded and agreed 


  1. What a lovely sequel. Somewhat akin to a short story in verse. There will yet be another one to follow? Logically yes! Great one oldegg!


  2. You have really mastered this form! I hope that Gor is not exploited..he seems like a sensitive chap..

  3. Really good use of words and imagery to set the scene and tell the tale. It reminds me of oral tradition and story-telling,


  4. Enjoyed that thoroughly!

  5. I love this style of poetic tale-telling. It's delightful, and demonstrates your envyable skill with words.

  6. Very 'feelin good' story...but should we expect any challenge here?

    1. No, I don't think so. Her family are happy and his father will come round or else he will have an unhappy wife!

  7. Well, I hope we hear more of this story! Interesting read and well penned.

  8. I'm so happy for a happy end.. it could have gone either either way.. but this was delightful

  9. I like this. It has the style of an old tribal tale.

    You are good. The world need more good story tellers.

  10. What a storyteller you are.

  11. This is fantastic, OE. I'd love to hear you read it aloud.

  12. Wonderful story, well written. Keep going with it!

  13. Nicely done, Old Egg. I am late visiting, I've not had a great couple of days, but I am better now.