Saturday, 10 May 2014

Drifting through my dreams

Drifting through my dreams
I have such fond memories
Of gentle kisses

Of breathing your breath
And desiring your body
Of chasing our dreams

And I remember
An old newspaper tells me
Of the day we wed

And how proud we were
Of so much laughter and joy
Now there is sadness

Winds whisper your name
The sea gives me your tidings
And sun shines your smile


  1. Sometimes hints of someone are both a comfort and a reminder of the loss..beautifully done old egg

  2. I like to think the past isn't really past, but merely a place we can't get to while in this human body. By the same token, those who have departed are free to go anywhere in time, so there is no need to come here. They can go into our future and rejoin us there.

  3. So delightfully wistful, the first four stanzas… They gave the incredible beauty of the last stanza all the more power to instill a lovely yearning.
    Miss A