Monday, 26 May 2014

Dum and Grunt have a different view (Dum tales 20)

Forgive me for not catching up with Dum and Yum for the last few weeks
but I managed to visit them the other day to see what they were up to. 

Grunt's bird trap

It had rained for several days and Dum and Yum had watched the creek fill as the thunder rumbled and lightning crashed and lit up the sky both by day and night as the rain poured down. The people in the cave had little food put by and Dum or one of the other men had to brave the rain to go down to the fish trap to gather what they could and bring it back for everyone to share.

There was no fresh meat and they were lucky that they managed to keep a fire going by the entrance to the cave even though their wood was damp and smoke found its way inside and everyone was miserable.

Strangely what was absent were flies and other insects as they did not fare well in the rain sodden atmosphere either. After Dum and Grunt had walked down to the fish traps once more the women could clearly see their baskets were heavy and bulging with fish. They were pleased they would not go hungry but clearly there was only so much fish they could eat. No one grumbled though as it was better to eat fish than starve even it was the same thing every day. All except Grunt that is who complained all the time wanted something with fur or feathers on.

Yum could see that Dum was in a close conversation with Grunt about catching other food as he was drawing with a stick on the floor of the cave obviously wanting to try something out. Grunt was a doer rather than a thinker and clearly he didn't agree with Dum.

Later that night as they lay together Yum was uncomfortable with the new baby in her tummy making it difficult to adopt her normal sleeping position. She finally found a position that she happy with by lying half on top of Dum. “What were talking to Grunt about?” she asked. “Catching birds” Dum said simply, “He disagreed how on it should be done.” Yum tried to say something but as she was so comfortable now and Dum was stroking her she just mumbled and fell asleep.

In the morning Dum was up early as was Grunt and they were soon outside gathering long lengths of tree saplings for each to construct something.

“What are they doing?” Grunts wife Dong, asked Yum who was sitting in the entrance of the cave watching them. Yum laughed “They both think they can build a better bird trap than the other. This is so we can eat something different to the fish we have all the time now.”

Later that day they had both completed their traps. “Tomorrow we will test them out,” said Grunt.
Dum nodded “Good, I will bait mine then still go to get the fish to eat, but you will have to stay by yours all day long.”

                                          Dum's bird trap


  1. It is nice to hear from Dum and Yum again.

  2. Expanding that diet must be a strong motivator. Can you imagine a pregnant wife with cravings and all you have is fish? :-)) A fun episode in the life of Dum and Yum here!

    I'm sorry that I'm coming around so late, I've been on vacation for the past week. Thank you for sharing your story at Two Shoes Tuesday!