Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The writer in the cafe


The girl with dark eyes
takes my order, “The usual?
She knows I like her

She lowers her eyes
Aware that I look at her
Yet they still tease me

“Hello says the blonde”
Her eyes sparkle with fun
“I’m your favorite”

“Don’t flirt,” I protest
She then comes close teasing me
Walks up with my cake.

I groan inwardly
The regular they all know
Coffee, cake, observe

And this absurd farce
Always brightens each day
My beautiful life

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  1. There's a certain fun in harmless flirtation. It's perhaps the biggest thing I miss about working in restaurants. Being in higher education is much more stable, but we're always having to put on the straight-laced grownup act. Boring.

  2. Cake looks good - not sure about the coffee!

  3. Life is a farce - enjoy it where you can.

  4. They know me at my coffee shop because I sit there and write novels on my ipad.

  5. I think it is a great pity that a mature man cannot have a coffee and cake in peace without young blondes and brunettes constantly trying to crash tackle him. Have you ever considered not wearing that particular after shave?

  6. Harmless flirtation not taking any further is fine and if it boosts the spirits even better. My grandfather always said when you stop looking and flirting you're dead.

  7. I agree with Sheilagh, when a man stops looking, he's probably being lowered into the grave.

  8. Flirting is harmless and any age:) Lovely post!