Saturday, 3 May 2014

Letting you go

Standing there weeping                                                    
He saw the young girl he’d wed
Many years ago

trusting eyes 
full of love
looking shyly
alone in the crowd         

of jovial guests                                                                    
of tenderness
of belonging
of bonding

creating a family                                                                  
working together
laughing at nonsense
walking in the rain

of touching                                                                                                               
of breathing
of creating
of caring

swimming in the sea                                                         
strolling on the sand
enjoying the family
now letting you go

Then the oration                                                                 
Looking over the coffin 
And saying goodbye


  1. How swift that moment of creation must seem..having not been married this made me feel how scary it must feel in a way moving from one family into another..but in a good way of course..i like all those essences 'of'...seems like the key

  2. Growing old takes courage. I think women have more of an expectation to be the one left behind, though. It's probably harder for a man, since we expect women to live longer.