Saturday, 31 May 2014

The blush of Spring

It’s the blush of Spring
When I see her waiting there
Under the awning

Youthful and glowing
Edible just like a peach
But can she see me?

I stand and watch her
Her eyes look like precious gems
Shame they’re not for me

But then she looks up
And sees me staring at her
Grins, shakes her finger


  1. At least she saw the funny side and it was just a shake of the finger and not a slap.. ;) I like the edible as a peach image..oh to be young again..

  2. The world is full of feasts for the eyes. I love to study people, and from the studying, a story always comes. May not be anywhere near the vicinity of reality, probably not, but I go away feeling satisfied that it is, just for fun I guess. Funny : )

  3. I agree with Jae...:) Well played.