Sunday, 2 June 2013

Now that you have left me

I dreamed of you last night as you called to me
It was just like the sad sound of a train’s lonely whistle
Echoing over the vast prairie repeating
Retelling the story of our life together
We were so close but you are gone now
Too far from me to touch but I still see you
As your dress swirls about your body 
And I so crave that thrill of hearing your husky voice
And to touch those nimble fingers as they loosen my tie
And I savor each hug and your every glance is a present
A promise; as our limbs entwine in rapturous love 
And I kiss your nose and your throat and your breasts 
As we nestle together anxious, ardent
Amorous lovers that we once were
The wind is blowing so cold outside
I am cold too inside and I again leave the room 
To look for you once again 
And pace up and down the empty halls 
To hear the beat of my heavy heart 
Which is so full of love but empty of you 
As your own heart will never beat again 
Now that you have left me.


  1. So much grief, sadness and loss in your words. Wonderful memories of a love shared.

  2. Memories can heal, but also help us relive such beauty that it hurts damn bad. Strong exploration of loss.

  3. This is so sad!! The heart is troubled and spirits dipping low with the burden of the memories of bygone days!!Keep looking up for strength and peace!! Lovely poem in grief!!

  4. I agree with Brenda, this is a strong exploration of loss, but there is also a level of acceptance of that loss, which means healing is taking place. Sometimes I am so grateful for memories.


  5. Heartwrenching expression of loss and so beautifully written.

  6. The depth of loss expressed in the memory of 'nimble fingers as they loosen ( a) tie' and the sound of her 'husky voice, ' added greatly to my enjoyment of the poem.

  7. Wow, that is so beautiful and heart wrenching, old egg.


  8. A lovely expression of love and acceptance; well done.

  9. Heart-breaking from start to end.

  10. I agree with Robyn I can really feel the heartache in this, it definitely got to me!

  11. I can see this in reverse through my Mother-in-law and Mother's eyes as their loves are with them only in their hearts...