Sunday, 30 June 2013

Retreat to the magic land

There is magic land                                     

That only I have found                        

I’ll show it to you                                            


Come away with me dear                           

Let’s go past the meadow green               

To the narrow bridge                                   


Yes, it’s but a lane                                        

But watch out for fallen rocks                      

We have far to go                                         


Round this narrow bend                              

Nature is calling us here                              

For birds are singing


Can you see the sea?                                 

We will cross to the island               

In that little boat                                             


I must take the oars

Sit, lest it be unstable

though the sea is calm


We will see wild things

Beasts that swim and crawl and fly

But no, not wild bears


Here there are penguins

Seals, cormorants and a tern

Now to welcome us


It’s my magic land

It’s yours too if you promise

Keep it safe always


  1. Yes, we can each have our magic land. I enjoyed reading about yours. Well done.

  2. Another wonderful poem.

    We will see wild things
    Beasts that swim and crawl and fly
    But no, not wild bears

    Had a chuckle over that, I have bears that now and then walk through my yard. Sometimes they bring along the cubs too

  3. No-one ever, ever keeps that promise.
    Me? Bitter? Of course not.

  4. The unstable boat in calm waters makes me wonder what is happening in your magic land. ;) Lovely writing.

  5. Beautiful and a perfect scene painted in words!! It also ends with a fabulous message!!

  6. It's so important to keep our wild lands safe. Unfortunately, most people don't realize just how important.

  7. A magic land, a place to escape, where did you say the boat to get there is located?